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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Disneyland Hotel stay

Last Friday we took the kids for a Lil surprise. Baylen finally potty trained and Cambria was doing good in school so we thought we'd treat them. I packed their bags and we put them in the car. Like a normal day we picked Cambria up from school. Cambria was mad cause she wanted to go home. They weren't really into it till we pulled off the freeway and they saw the buses. But they just thought they were going to Disney for the day. They were excited about that but were confused as to why we were going a different way. When we pulled up to the hotel Cambria asked why we were at a hotel. When I told her we were staying the night for a couple days she was SO excited. Screaming and jumping up and down. Of course B was to just a little more confused.
The doors leading to the lobby.
The lobby
They liked the rocking chairs and mini TV while waiting. 
B Loves the Monorail so of course we so happened to have a Monorail view room. 
The kids loved waiting for it to come by.
Or you could find them on the floor..Or jumping from bed to bed. 
We took the kids into DCA to see the Frozen area.
It snowed a little to.
And rode the sled
They could do this all day.
Which surprises me since they don't like up and down rides
we were in there about an hour
And got to meet Olaf
After we went outside for a little dancing
Before we headed to Disneyland for one last surprise for the night.
Every since Florida Baylen has been in LOVE with the Fantasmic show. Unfortunately the "seating" wasn't the best. We had the kids on out backs, arms, and shoulders. At this point it doesn't pay to be 5'2. 
This is about all I saw but the kids loved it. 

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  1. Snow slide looks really fun! Bet Finn was glad to get home.