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Monday, June 15, 2015

Lake Arrowhead

Saturday David drove us all up to Lake Arrowhead for a night. The kids didn't like going up or down the mountain but once we got there they were fine. We dropped the dog off at the puppy sitter first then headed out. It rained off and on but wasn't cold. We even heard Thunder once. Of course Cambria freaked out. We did some shopping, the Kids played forever in the playground, got ice cream, and David took the kids on a couple rides to.
Dropping Finn off.
The puppy sitter sent me this pic. All the doodles were the same color. Finn is all the way over with his mouth open. 
On the drive up
Checking in
Our room. 
After getting settled we headed over to the village for lunch.
we got pizza that was really good. 
Lake Arrowhead
we bought bags of duck food for $1
They loved the dinosaur outside one of the stores.
Take my picture!
Of course they had to walk each other
the playground
they had fun mirrors to
we got a little wet
swinging in style...


  1. Looked like fun. Baylen looked a bit bored on the dinosaur walk. Maybe he wanted to lope. That pizza looked really tasty!!!

  2. Great picture I have not been up been up in the y mountains for a very long time