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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Ice skating with the girl scouts

Last night Cambria's girl scout troop had a safari skate night at our local ice rink. She's been freaking about it for months. "Im gonna fall, I dont want to do it, Im scared, Im gonna fall " She 's the type of girl who is so afraid of everything but If you make her do it she loves it! So the first time around she was a little freaked out but by the 3rd time she was going faster and by the fourth time her friend pulled her out to the middle and held her hand as they skated for 2 hours. She spent all day today asking when she could go back..ha ha.


  1. Yep have to go back so she gets more practice, like B watching does he want to try it

  2. That place is huge. What fun! Did she fall very much?