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Thursday, August 30, 2012

2 year check up

Besides it being my sisters birthday and Cambria's 1st day of school it was Mr. B's 2 year check up. He woke this morning feeling kinda crappy so I think he's starting the ole preschool cold a little early. Have I mentioned how much he hates the doctor? This time I thought we were gonna mostly avoid it. He entered the building and was not freaking out. Even waited in the lobby and watched Nemo swim in his Lil tank. Got called back and ran down the hall all excited. Until we turned the corner to get weighted. Then It all came back to him. Luckily he didn't have to be weighted on the table but he still did not want to stand on the scale. Poor kid, he hates the doctor!

I haven't done this in a while.

~Weighs 24lbs
~Starting to drink more milk then he used to.
~Loves Yo Gabba Gabba, Monsters Inc, Nemo, Disney sing a long
~Eats,and eats.I mean this kid will have a meal and beg for food 20mins later!
~Finally started talking.
~ Says Mama, Dada, CaCa,( that's what he calls his sister )More, Thank you, Please, Wuv eww, ( Love you )Buhhh, (Bye) Sings Yoooooo gabba gabba, Choo Choo, Zaaaa, ( Raisin )Cheese, And I'm sure there's more but I cant think of them all now!
~ Makes Animal sounds, Dog, Cat,Horse, Owl, Duck, Cow, Bird.
~ Body parts he knows, Head,Eyes,Ears,Nose,Mouth,Hands,Tummy,Belly Button,Feet,and Toes.
~Still has his paci but I like to try and keep it for bed and car time only.
~Wears size 4 diaper.
~12-18month pants and shirts.
~ Also 18-24 month shirts.
~Loves holding your hand.
~Blows kisses to everything!
~Size 4 and some 5's in shoes.
~Will not leave the house without that Disney Sing a Long DVD!!


  1. Nice going Baylen, love how you are setting there at end of table with your neat drinking cup