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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Day 2 on the train.

Frosted flakes for breakfast.
Hanging out in the dome car.
Building right outside of the train station in Albuquerque New Mexico.
Burning off some Energy on our 30 min wait.
More coloring.
And after a night of about 2 hours of sleep someone finally crashed! Anyone who knows Cambria knows that she never naps and she's afraid of EVERYTHING!!!! She was convinced that there were dogs in the train and she was freaked out by the noises the doors would make when they shake. So basically she was scared of everything on the train which kept her up all night.



  1. Yep we checked under the bed for dogs, none. The trip home was good our room was on the lower level so doors did constantly open. she would walk up to the doors and be carried through She did sleep after that first night though

  2. Maybe she conquered some of her fears??? Hope so. Love the Missouri farm picture. My grandfather was from Missouri so maybe some day I'll get to see it even if passing through like you were.