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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Family Reunion.

Saturday we had The Family reunion In Walker Iowa. We were the first ones there to set up and get everything ready. They rented a little hall in the Park that was huge. Cambria was in heaven. Between playing there and wanting to play with rocks she was good all day.
Why dont they make these anymore!

Playing with rocks. Her new favorite thing to do.
When It came to eating she just wanted to sit at the big kid table.

At the end of the day we all hung around outside for a while.
Cambria started a nice lil grass fight with Hannah and Ryan.

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  1. Nothing is as nice as a simple picnic with family and friends. I think that out here in California, we live near so many fantastic sights that we've forgotten how satisfying these simple things can be. Looking at these pictures of barns, corn fields, orchards and a child finding joy just playing with rocks is an eye opener. Talk about getting back to basics. Time to slow down and...maybe smell a few flowers. When was the last time any of us laid down on the grass and watched the clouds in the sky. :)