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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Breaking in the new year.

The kids ( mostly Baylen ) have been asking to go to Disneyland so as soon as we were able I decided to take them today. Yesterday they started taking most of the xmas stuff down and Baylen had been hoping for his favorite parade to come back but It's only on weekends for now. Guess he will have to wait. Cambria wanted to wear her new Anna Dress and I asked Baylen If he wanted to dress up to. We rode a few rides but mostly saw characters and princesses of course.
We saw the Magical map show.
And had a Mickey pretzel while we waited.
She requested the mouth.
She kept saying she wanted to go on the Shark ride.
Going in...
Of course small world. Which was still decorated for xmas.
We waited 75 mins for the princesses.
Better then the 3 hour wait to see Anna and Elsa!
B was excited and Cambria kept telling them all that she wanted them to go to her next birthday.
On our scout for peter pan we ran into Snow White. While we were in line he came by but only stopped to pull a branch off a tree and run back to give it Baylen as his sword.
Problem was Captain Hook was with him and for some reason he freaked out! Even peter was trying to tell him to wave his sword at him to go away but he was just screaming and crying.
After lunch we decided to try the Frozen line again. An hour 1/2. So we did it. More like 2 hours but I guess better then 3!
They had a cute Olaf on top Baylen kept trying to talk to.
They were funny and talked to the kids a lot. This was where Elsa stepped away to figure out which Anna was her sister.
Elsa was fixing Cambria's "snowflake" aka bow and Anna was asking Baylen if he would take her to never land?
Still trying to get Baylen to talk..
Elsa asked if she could hold Olaf's hand to? After Baylen kept saying Elsa hold Olaf hand! He was so excited!!!!!

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  1. Looks like it was a very exciting day for the kiddles.