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Sunday, January 12, 2014


22 weeks into school. 3 weeks of xmas vacation. 3 days before Cambria goes back.....she gets sick. It started Friday and Luckily it was only a 30 hour thing for her. She had a scratchy throat and was just super tired and achy. But of course Mr. B has it. I knew from the moment he was standing next to her and said " caca, Kiss!" And planted one right on her lips. Ugh....Sometimes they love each other at the worst time. But oh well, Its inevitable. So Mr. B's started last night. And was eh this morning but now has a fever and just isn't happy.
Happy just to lay on the couch all day.
Ate of few snacks from the kitchen counter.
And then my lil boy who hasn't napped in months crashed!
He's so sticking cute sleeping...
and hour an a half and talking in his sleep...haha

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