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Thursday, January 2, 2014

iPhone Dump

Some pics from last year...
Always right for the bike.
The last day of school they had a movie day of Polar express and the kids brought their blankets, pillow pets, etc.. She was set on bringing her blanket and pillow. So she had to carry it.
Xmas gifts for the teachers.
He loves hanging in her room when she's gone.
I"  love you Baylen"
He likes waving to her.
And he loves her books.
Weekend before xmas breakfast.
They love their bean bag
And leappads santa brought.
They also love the toys you put in water and they grow.
Now when it's quiet this is what their doing.
"Mommy take my picture'!
Puppy Love
attached like always!
Mom, can I have these shoes?

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