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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Day 6

Thursday was our last full ( mine, my mom and sister left on Saturday ) in Iowa. We drove up an hour and a half to visit Aunt Crystal and Aunt Kathy.
On the way
We made a quick stop at a target ( we should have kept count at all the targets we visited..ha ha ) for some stuff and also to check out this store next door.
It was kinda like an REI. Mom was sharing her Nuts with the wild "statue" life.
After visiting with everyone for a bit at Aunt Crystals new place we went into this lil old towne area for lunch.
Our "bar: we ate at. 
LOVE this house!
On the way home we drive through mom's lil city she grew up in. We went in the back way ( once again thanks to Siri's crazy directions! ) and stumble across this house and covered bridge. Of course we had to get out and take pics. I mean bridges like this are not to be found in Southern California! 
The people who owned the home built it. 
Right across the street was this very old church and cemetery
Right out of a movie.
all the trees next to it. We also drove into town to visit mom's parents graves. Those pics to come tomorrow since something surprisingly well happened. 

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