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Monday, December 8, 2014


So on the way home we stopped in Walker. The very little city my mom, aunts, and Uncle grew up in. Our first stop was the cemetery where their parents are buried. When we were leaving we head down to the front to the memorial where they have every ones name on a plaque that served in the war. Soon after we got there a guy came up and started talking to us. We talked for a while before he said "you must be a Reece" to my mom. We at no point mentioned anyone. Theres no way he would have known that. He was a couple years younger then my mom but grew up in the city and still took care of everything there. He told us stories of just about everything and gave us a tour of all the locked up things that my mom grew up with. The school she went to, The fire station with original firetruck, even tons of photo's that he saved and preserved.
First stop was the cemetery.
Which of course was surrounded by a corn field..
Un heard of I know!?
And yes we had to hop in!
There was this lil building in the middle that was cool. Run down and locked up. My sister said she remembered it and it always scared her. 
Run down.
One of the Plague's.
R Lee Reece, Is uncle Lee.
After the cemetery we drove 2mins into town. This was the school house they attended.
Facing the front.
My mom. Clockwise she would be at 8:00.
One of my other aunts is the bottom middle.
The train and station. Inside was where the conductor and family lived. We got a tour. The women even birthed her kids there. 
another view.
Firetruck. He had it in a shed. 
This used to be the market. 
And the house they grew up in.
On the way home....


  1. That was very interesting. So are there many living in that town now? Any stores still open? So this guy had the keys to open up locked places. Weird. Was he a caretaker?

  2. Its still a normal town just very small. He was kinda like the caretaker I guess. Had keys to all the major things in town. School, parks, etc...Things were still open but alot of the old buildings are still there.