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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Our last day

Friday was my last day. We woke early enough and packed everything up and Headed down the street to get a rental car for my mom and sister. We were spending our last few hours in Ely visiting my Aunt Marie who's actually my godmother. She lives in a little house on the side of her Brothers house which has a few Barns and sheds. We may call it hoarding but he is also a collector. Visiting Dicks Barn's are always the best!
My kinda weather!
We meet down the street at this lil coffee shop which was amazing and I had the best salted caramel mocha of my life! 
It was basically a little house turned into a coffee shop. Everyone knew everyone in there.  
Their houses were just right down the street. This house is Amazing and has so much history. It had so many rooms and hidden gems like a 2nd Kitchen. sun rooms, 3 basements, and add on that still had the original Wood trunks that were used to build it. From what I remember he said it was build in the early 1900's. 
This was the main barn.
Side view of 3 of the barns.
the side of the house from Marie's. 
Another barn/Shed
checking it all out...
Marie, Dick, and mom
Tons of stuff!
2nd barn which was filled with tons of toys that you'd get from cereal boxes. He said they donate them and even pass them out on Halloween. I got a few books for the kids. 
Barn number 3. 
Barn/shed number 4.
Yes I climbed to the top! Who wouldn't?
Baylen or any boy would have been in heaven in here! 
And yes I took home one to many hot wheels. 
You can tell by the layers of dirt they've been there a while. 
One side of the barn was full of tools.
And anything you can think of.
Yup, barn number 5. This one was off property but just down the street.
This is whats inside the last one
Mostly frames and suitcases. More to come tomorrow!

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  1. Have you ever watched American Pickers on TV? These two guys have a store in Iowa and they go all over the country looking for guys who have barns, trucks, trailers full of stuff like this and just plain junk too. They'll climb into shacks that are ready to cave in to look for treasures and they pay cash for everything that they buy. They even stop at some places that are out in the woods where stuff is piled under trees. Some are under plastic some under bushes, grass and even underground. Very interesting. Tom & I used to watch it a lot. We stopped for a while, but I still watch from time to time as they have some new episodes now.