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Sunday, September 16, 2012

And It all came to an end.

I feel like Ive been posting these pics forever! I guess cause Ive skipped a few days to post "whats going on now" pics! But Finally I have come to an end!
Here's the last pic's of our good time on the train home!

Once again, train stations have the best chairs!!!

A storm off in the distance.
AND then it got real fun! On one of our stops they had to change the engine out. Well this took 3 hours instead of 30 Min's. So that put us back. Then there was a storm the night before that washed out the tracks right before Albuquerque so we had to take a bus from Lamy New Mexico to Albuquerque which was an hour away, not to mention it was raining with thunder and lightening. But It was fun.

Good thing we had the iPad to keep her entertained. She was beyond tired and being tossed around, missing sleep, and dinner time and didn't complain.
Good morning California.
20 Min's stop in good ole Barstow!
Run it off!
Look, it's the freeway to our house!

Home! But someone was sad Hannah wasn't going to come home with us.

And then she saw her brother and daddy and was all good again!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your adventure with us. Good times come to an end and there really isn't any place like home. Nice reunion picture with Daddy and Baylen.