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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Iowa state fair

I have a lot of pic's from the day we went to the fair so this might be a few day post. On Monday when the weather was in the 80's and no chance of rain we made the 3 hour drive to Des Moines to the state fair. We rented a wagon for Cambria and basically all our stuff we bought, ha ha!

The Butter Cow.

Ya, this happened.
I was planning on taking Cambria on the big slide but forgot and was wearing a dress so Hannah got volunteered. I'm sure she loved it anyway.
There they go.
Oh if you can only zoom in and see the look on her face! Seriously thought she LOVED it! As soon as it was over she jumped up and begged to go again! I don't know why she looks deathly afraid! Ha Ha!

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