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Sunday, September 23, 2012

HalloweenHorror Nights.

Its been a busy weekend as you can tell with lack of blog posts. Friday night I drove to LA to meet Bridget, her son, and his friends at Universal Studios for their Halloween event. It's been 10+ years since Ive been to one and I used to love going to them! We had a good time and stayed till the 2am closing time. Of course David wasn't to happy with me getting home at 4am but it's not like I go out that late often.
First stop was the Tram ride that takes you to a lower area where they drop you off and you walk through the War of the World set that is invaded by Zombies.
Christopher and his friends.
Alice Cooper maze.
Everyone was posing with these guys. You can't see a thing though cause it's all foggy!

3D maze!
At the entrance/exit was a clown area. This guy was talking to everyone leaving and telling joke.
At the end of the night when we were waiting for Christopher and his friends they had a bunch of the zombie's, clowns, chain saw guys, and who ever running in circles scaring everyone out. It was funny to watch.

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