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Friday, September 14, 2012

On our last day we went out to breakfast early, did a few last min errands and then went to Lee and Nora's for some rhubarb pie and Directions on how to get to Clarence so that we can have a late lunch with Chuck and visit the Cemetery.
She was excited about the Rainbow pancakes they had.
At this point she was over the picture taking.
In the back of Lee and Nora's is a Large shared pond full of frogs. We, Hannah, Cambria, and I walked over to check it out.
Those Lil bumps are their eyes..
She just wanted to throw rocks the whole time.
Lee and Nora's.
I didn't take pictures when we went to Clarence. We left around 3pm cause we had to take the car back by 5pm. We made it 5 Min's before and then found out we didn't even have to be back till 6! Oh well. They ( enterprise ) drove us 30 Min's to the train station where we waited another hour for the train to come get us.
I loved these Chairs in the station.

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  1. I'm trying to imagine the frogs singing at night. Don't think I'd like that many frogs behind my house. :)