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Sunday, March 3, 2013


My mom won tickets to the opening of a new Fantasyland show/meet and greet/food thing they are about to open. We got there at the tail end of the Tangled show so they told us to meet the princesses since there was no line. We went in and meet Ariel, Aurora, and Cinderella. After we went out and caught the last few Min's of the show and Rupunzel and Flynn came out. We went and had lunch since the next show was over an hour away. We came back and got a seat close to the stage where we watched Beauty and the beast. When that was over and we were about to leave Belle came out. She saw Cambria and grabbed her hand and led her up front to take pics with her.
Oh ya and we bought the kids some pop corn. They scarfed it down and would not let the boxes out of their site! Being silly. His churro face.


  1. Cute pictures park was crowded as usual, we rode only 2 rides. Waited for the parade I left early as had an appointment. Baylen has been waitig for Small World to open again, think he sang all the way thru the ride.

  2. So good to see healthy kids again! The smiles tell it all.