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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Once again....

I swear this is never ending!!! Once again were sick. Cambria has the beginning or the ends of an ear infection and Poor Mr. B his old cold has now settled in his chest and he has to get breathing treatments/an inhaler at home. And his Blood levels were really low so he has to get put on Iron drops. I swear these kids will NEVER get better!
He did really good at taking it. I talked him into thinking he was a dragon breathing smoke so he thought it was cool!


  1. Good thinking Mom. He looks so cute and gets a big hug from Sister

  2. It has been that kind of winter. I'll be so glad when I see all my grandkiddles are free from coughing,runny noses, and fevers. I hate it when I have to ask if they are healthy before I say bring them over!!!