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Saturday, March 2, 2013

End of an era

All good things must come to an end. This is the last week of one of my favorite memory filled places to eat at. Growing up My family and I went all the time. My sister used to go a few times but since she's older and was out of the house before I could remember she didn't get to go as much as us. I remember we;d go just about every year for my birthday when I was little cause they'd bring you out a huge bowl with shaved ice on FIRE!!! I mean you cant go wrong with that! Once we moved away from the area I did go back every now and then. I even took David a few times. He wasn't impressed. But it's cause the place was run down and half the place was closed up. But just like being a kid they bring your adult beverages in a bowl on FIRE! Ha ha. I'm glad to have gone back one last time and to have taken my family in the past. Here's the Link to the resturant If you wanna check it out! Bahooka
The menu from the 70's. Wish the prices were the same! Also see that huge fish? That's ruffus. He's 36 years old and been there since day 1. Hopefully he will still make it through the end of Bahooka.It is very dark inside but full of Polynesian style. And have I mentioned the wall to wall fish tanks! Bahooka Bowl!!

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