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Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Ive been waiting for the day the kids would play in the mud. Of course David didn't know it would be when they were ruining his precious grass. It WILL grow back. They were inside playing when Baylen saw the sprinklers on in the back. He got a little wet from the sprinklers so I took him in and changed him. The next thing I knew he was making a bee line for outside again. And this time the first thing in his view was the HUGE puddle that was forming right in the middle. I thought it was fun and funny so I let them do it. It'll wash off right. David thought it was funny until he saw the mess that was left, then he was mad. But like I said It WILL grow back!
After I hosed them off and stripped them down this is How I found them..Sun bathing perhaps? .

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  1. Like I said everyone any age needs to run in the rain, splash through puddles and splash in the mud. We all need to be kids