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Monday, August 11, 2014

1St Grade

Cambria and Baylen started school today. Cambria started 1st Grade and Baylen is starting Pre-K. Someone woke up at 6:15 ready to go. She kept asking why it took so long at night time? She was nervous before hand but once we got there and she saw all her friends she just took off. Her classroom is HUGE! 34 kids. She's going to get lost in there! She's sitting with one of the boys she went to kinder with and has 7 kids in total in her class she knows. She's excited about going back even though she's not looking forward to homework. Me either Cambria! Meanwhile Baylen started Pre-K at a ladies house I know. He was actually excited when he was there. Didn't cry and said he had fun and wants to go back. Wait, what? Didn't see that coming!

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