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Friday, August 22, 2014

Block Party

No not at our house but at school. We went to a couple last year and they were fun! This is the first one this year. They had Pizza, Snow cones, Hotdogs, Baked goods, Chips, and drinks. The Chic fil a cow and the school mascot was there. They had raffles and of course the snow cone truck! They also have the 100 mile club. It's basically a good way for kids to get exercise. Cambria wants to join this year so I will sign her up on Monday. They get a t-shirt when they clock 25 miles. She wants to get up to 100. Hopefully we can. Even B was into it. He LOVED running. He was hysterical watching him run the field, even passing up the big kids.

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  1. Yea does she run during school or after, so B probably can't run with her but know she will do good. What good fun things for the kids