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Friday, February 3, 2017

Catalina Island

Since Catalina is only an hour away we took the slow way to do it and then basically just parked there for the night. When we woke up we all got ready fast and headed into port via a little boat. We checked into our excursion for the day but had a little over an hour to wait. So we walked a bit into town and got a muffin. We headed back with 20 mins left and hung around for a bit. Soon a Hummer came to pick us up. Heather had a bad shoulder so she couldn't go but she said she enjoyed walking around the town. We headed up the hill in the hummer. Why do you ask? Ummm....Zip lining of course!! Serious bucket list. Always wanted to do this! And all of my friends were all about it! There was 6 zip lines we went down. 2 steep ones and 4 little's. It was pretty amazing and I SO can't wait to do it again! The worst part as it was HOT. Even more so up in the mountains. When we were done we walked down into town. We were hungry so we stopped for some food. By this time we didn't have a lot of time left before we had to get back to the boat. We all took showers and got ready. We had dinner in the dining room ( which at times was crazy and weird ) then headed to the nightclub on board. It was 11 when they closed it..Hmm..So we decided to hit up the Piano bar for a drink. And of course another late night buffet of french fries..
Catalina Island
Walking downtown
Our boat
On the hummer headed up!
heading up!
Lisa again
Bridget and I 
Pic's of catalina 
Lisa and Christina
Entrance to the casino
The Casino
View of the Island from the boat getting ready to leave
At dinner. And our invisible friend was with us cause we had ordered extra food to try. 
Party time
See Dinner's get crazy
At the club
Having drinks
And Martini's 
More Martini's
They were good! 

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  1. Well guess I don't have t. o ask if everyone had a good time. I think I should have gone along to supervise