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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Day 1 of the bday cruise

After David dropped us off at the port we checked in. Thats when the Various very cheesy photo's began. We boarded with multiple pics taken then headed to our room. Which was conveniently located just down the hallway from the entrance. We dropped off our bags then headed up to the deck for drink's and the send off. Oh and of course the always fun safety drill....LoL. Well, we got to the pool deck and they had various drink's available for the departure. I doont even remember what I got but It was good. I had 2...
Slide view
More pool deck view
When we boarded
Yes they get cheesier
Oh there's more
It was a little windy
We liked taking selfies
We had dinner that night and we thought our waiter was funny. 
Frog legs? 
No cruise is complete without towel animals
Then we hit up the Piano bar
Where we spent hours and had a few adult beverages. 
We requested a lot of songs
So many we couldn't open doors the right way..
And then at 2am There was junk food...

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