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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Disneyland/Lil Monster's/Bday cruise /Last years pictures.

So back in January of last year I came up with the idea of "Let's go on a cruise for my 40th bday". So way back when, It was booked. As weeks were approaching the date we found out it's the same day as Little Monster's. Bridget,Lisa, Sherri, my friend from New Hampshire Christina came in and Heather all went. We figured we could get up early and go to lil monster's then head over to Long Beach to get dropped off. However even though we left early and were running on time we got into the park to late. We missed all the trick or treats. The kid's weren't sad though they had fun anyway. Of course it was hot though that day. We stayed there till 1 then headed over to Long Beach where David dropped us off. I can't even begin to tell you how much fun this trip was and how I would love to do it again! Each guest was allowed to bring in 1 bottle of wine each. Plus Heather decided to smuggle on board from chocolates annnnnnnnd mini bottle of Vanilla Rum. I took SO many pictures so I'm gonna try and play Catch up with these.

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