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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Ohhhhh Wednesday

Yesterday was fun....ya, no. It started with me picking up B from school earlier the Cambria ( she had a class after school ) and I walked so he could ride his scooter home. Then that night we had Ballet. I thought I left my phone at home but turns out it just fell in between my seat and I didn't know. So no pic's from Ballet. However It was then that Cambria started saying her ear hurt SO bad and was crying and and acting like she was dying. So I took B home, had her change her clothes then found my phone and took her to urgent care. 30 min drive to wait for 3 hours. Ya no. So I went back towards home. 1 1/2 wait. A little better. She was cranky and tired and worried she was gonna get a shot. Even though I told her a million times she wasn't she did not believe or want to listen to me. And the inevitable happened. Right before they call us in she decides to throw up all over the lobby. Yup. Of course then they rushed us to the back room. Waited another 3o min's then was told she looked fine. No ear ache, No sore throat, no nothing. Basically she needed to pop her ears but didn't know that and was so scared she was gonna get a shot she made herself sick. Yup. That was my night.

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