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Saturday, January 21, 2017

10K run

This morning I was up before everyone in the house. For this run I didn't have to go far. It's been raining here for a few days and yesterday I rained most of the day with high winds. So that meant It was gonna be a cold morning. And it was. It was still windy when I left at 6am. By the time I got there the wind had stopped, mostly. This run wasn't a big one. Maybe a few hundred. They had a 5K to, which had more people. My goal was to finish under an hour and hopefully shave off some of my time from my last 10K. I did. However the last 2 miles my knee hurt so I could have done better. Im so sad. Oh well. I finished in 57:05. This run was way more long and boring compared to my others. No one on the streets, no water stations, and straight and mostly flat. Only a small incline at the mile 4-5. The snow covered mountains were nice though. I probably wouldn't do it again but it was fun. My next run will be In February in Florida! I can't wait. Oh and the last pic of the papers with names. It says I came in 8th place in my Division.


  1. You did good much to cold for me

  2. Me too, but still great for you. If I were young again I'd probably love this. Don't think they did things like this when I was young though, and I do consider you young! Great job!