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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Xmas at Disneyland

Xmas, yes I know. But I still need to put these up and we didn't do anything today so why not put up a little more xmas! In December we only get Maybe 3 days to go into the park. The kids love the Xmas Parade so thats Always the thing we do. However the only day to go in was on a Wednesday right after school. But being that Cambria gets homework daily we still had to get it done. So we found some lunch and got right to it. Then basically stayed for the Parade and the lighting of the Castle and It's a small world. We did run over to DCA though. I grabbed some yummy Chicken Curry stew and the kids got cookies. We sat down, well B and I did cause as soon as the Music came on Cambria was out dancing!

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