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Monday, January 16, 2017

A few Random's

Craving the Thanksgiving Turkey 
Mr. B reached his 100 miles in running at school 
Running with ACOP, He reached a Milestone so they gave him a bracelet and a picture. 
Xmas sweater day at school 
Decorating Xmas ugly sweater cookies. 
Crashing my bed while I was trying to sleep 
Good thing their cute 
One day the kids were bored so I brought out the Perler beads, They loved them. 
My cup David got me for xmas. 
Fight one...
And today's "It was warm ( 68 ) lets have a Picnic kinda day". The grass was wet and Mr. B think's IIt cool to have no shirt on cause he's a boy and they can do that. LoL

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