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Monday, February 6, 2017

Day at sea

The last day ( the day after Mexico ) was a day at sea. Basically we coasted all the way home. Even parked still in the middle of the ocean for the majority of it. We saw lot's of dolphin's off in the distance. We slept in everyday mostly cause we would go to bed at 4am every night, ha ha. I got up and showered and got ready. Lisa was still getting ready when I decided to go right outside our room and down the hall to the bar which was just right there to get us some Mimosa's of course! Later we decided to go to the pool area and lounge around, get more drink's, and lounge some more. Bridget and I decided to workout later to.
Morning Mimosa's.
They had a chocolate party around noon
More lounging and drink's...
Working out on the treadmills and let me just say that running on a treadmill ON a moving boat is a whole new experience! 
Dinner that night
We got Bridget to try it
She wasn't a fan
Bar area by our room
Night pool
Day Pool
Towel Animal
Our goodbye Breakfast 

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  1. Sounds fun but did the bars run out of alchol