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Saturday, February 4, 2017


And on the 3rd day we Arrived in Ensenada. We got off the boat a regular time..Maybe 9? We didn't plan an excursion but wanted to walk around the town. They had buses at the port that took you into town but really we just walked. It wasn't far. Everything was in a 10 block area. We walked into town and shopped at a few shops, all basically having the same things. Every restaurant had guys out front trying to get you to eat there. Basically they got paid on how man people they got to go in to eat or drink. Well, we gave in to the the FREE drink's If it's your bday. So we went into one. Lisa and I got Margarita's ( mine was a free pineapple one ) and they other's got sodas. We left there and shopped some more. We were hungry So decided on this little place that had outdoor framed in seating. And glad we did. Basically THE BEST Mexican food I've ever had. I seriously ate it all! We all ( even Sherri who rarely drink's ) ordered Margarita's. Lisa ordered a Cadillac Margarita which is a regular with an extra shot. I jokingly mentioned they can totally add extra to mine to and I wont mind. Needless to say when they dropped off these HUGE drink's ( which were already pretty strong ) The guy ( who was very funny and super nice ) Came behind me and just kept pouring more and more tequila in mine. Thats what I get. On top of that Sherri didn't like her's much and Heather traded her's with her's but didn't like it so I drank it..I mean, It was good and I didn't want it to go to waste! After our very good meal and drink's we decided to walk it off a bit. until we stumbled across another bar. At this point I couldn't handle another but I didn't want to leave Lisa alone and I had to go to the bathroom so I went with her. And of course some how ended up with another drink. At this point we were headed back cause we had to get on the boat soon. On the way into the boat there's shopping of course so we stopped there. Lisa really wanted a vase but it cost to much so she had to think about it. After hanging around the ship for an hour she decided she wanted it so we went back out for it. And on the way we got free Tequila shots. Later, again getting back aboard we all decided to hit up the hot tub while we got ready to head out. It even rained a little while we were in it but it was a blast. I'd say Mexico was fun!
Crazy Pictures they had us take, those to come later
Some fun Art work downtown
We loved this shop
Great art work
More of downtown
Pineapple Margarita
Margarita #1
Viagra was very big there so we got a kick out of this guy
Margarita number 2
Good food
Table shot
Margarita #3 and my very good tacos
Margarita #4
Some parts of the port were very modernized.
Fun splash pad
View from our room 
Headed to the hot tub! 
View from our hot tub
When we were departing
Seals in the water
Good bye Mexico! 

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