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Wednesday, February 26, 2014


#3 you ask? That would be her 3rd tooth she lost, today! Yes that's crazy! But just like the others her Bog teeth are coming in and pushed the baby ones out. It's been lose for a while now but I accidently knocked it more so lose last night when I was helping her brush her teeth. She was mad and didn't want to sleep and complained it hurt this morning and didn't want to eat. So after to school and a few tricks on trying to get it out.....It came out. I gave her a carrot from the garden and she wanted to eat it so I let her...She came back in the kitchen to tell me something and then she had it in her hand. She said she was going to ask me a question and then her mouth felt funny..haha..well guess the Carrot worked.
A little camping before it rains.
The carrot she pulled out. She said its a human carrot with legs..
She ate Baylen's Carrot.
Missing tooth
The tooth fairy will bring her a Sparkly $1 bill and a pink chocolate coin. And the reason she gets the chocolate is from one of her books.

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  1. Congratulations Cambria you have one more loose one to come out as well