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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

San Francisco day 2.

Day 2 we headed down to the Wharf to catch the cable car downtown to do some shopping and head over to the ferry building. Of course we woke up to rain which continued all day but this time It was way windier then the day before.
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On our way with coffee in hand,
On the cable car. Which we had to wait for about 15 mins for it to move which we had the wind blowing rain on us the whole time!
Bridget trying to avoid the huge puddles cause she was wearing tom's.
This lil old British couple took our pic.
getting wet!
see? pointless to do your hair!
SO glad I brought these bad boys!
rainy view
First stop, GAP. I really wanted the Mint one for Cambria but I knew she'd like the navy. I sent David a pic and she choose the Navy, sigh...After that we stopped at Old Navy so the girls could look for boots.
Walking down Market street
A very wet market place. unfortunately none of the Farmers market tents were open in the back.
but we got juice!
next stop, china town!
for these!
down the alley
and then we headed out. We walked back to take the cable car back to our hotel for a bit before heading out to dinner but we got stuck waiting for it to work for about an hour. We walked down to the Marina district again and found a good Pizza place for dinner. We closed out the night at a bar by the hotel.

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  1. See everyone got boots you do look a little wet but know you had fun lots of good memories