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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Abbie Kelly's Birthday.

Today I took Cambria to her first tea party birthday for her friend in School. It was close to our house and a lot of her school friends were there. She had a great time. When we got there all the girls sat in the opened garage and painted lil treasure boxes. They had lemonade in real glass tea set's. They served pb&j tea pot shaped sandwiches, strawberry's with whipped cream, chicken nuggets, and pizza bagel bites. And of course they finished up with cupcakes!
The view. She knew all but 2 girls.
to the left is Aubrey and to the right of her is Mallory.
Group pic!
an extra one thrown in there!
With Abbie K. To the right is Neve and to the left is Noami.

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