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Monday, February 24, 2014


In 30 days we leave for Walt Disney World. Crazy! This will be the kid's 1st flight let alone first Vacation. Im kinda freaking out over the flight thing but to late to turn back now. I just need to be drinking to survive! ha ha just kidding. Maybe. So since we leave in a month I decided to get the kids excited and throw a special Disney themed dinner every Sat till we go. This week was The Little Mermaid. And it so happened to be on the same day. So I decorated accordingly and after dinner we had cupcakes and coloring. I also made a countdown chain so they can cut a ring off every day till there's none left.
Dinner table.
Ursula Hot Dogs and Ariel's shells.
With the countdown chain
Our finished work
Cutting the chain
Baylen was waiting all night to play with the streamers!

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  1. So clever, we went to the beach earlier didn't see the shells they picked up