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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Disneyland part 2.

Part 2 from yesterday since we just happened to run into everyone and took way to many pictures! We had just got our of Pirates and Lil miss was doing the pee pee dance the entire line we had to run over to the bathrooms before anything else. Well right there was a line for Tiana. The only Princess she hasn't meet. My mom hopped in line while we went to the bathroom. Of course when we came out Tiana was leaving to be in a show. Bayeln got lucky though cause Mardi gras Mickey and Minnie were coming out. Have I mentioned his love for Minnie Mouse?
Yes they were running at them!
Theres that smile again!
Getting their silhouettes done. She kept telling Baylen " Look Baylen see me, you need to stay still like me OK?"
I had to hold him on my lap.
And just when we thought we were in the clear and ready to go home. Another Princess or 2 were waiting at the Exit. I mean really?
OK Baylen enough with that crazy smile!

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