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Monday, February 11, 2013


Since they were doing some scheduled maintenance with the power which would be shut off for the majority of the day I decided to take the kids to Disneyland for a few hours. All we did all day was run into every princess there was! We decided to see how long the line was for the princesses but when I read 90 Min's I said forget it! We decided to see Merida since she was right there and practically no one in line. About half way through the Step mother and sisters from Cinderella showed up. That took some convincing to keep her in line long enough for a few pics. Then we headed over to see them.

After waiting there she saw Sleeping Beauty walk by. She was then in a panic that she HAD to see her. So we wound up waiting in that forever long line. Which wasn't bad cause there was 2 Lil girls their age to play with. Of course half way through they changed and she was sad. Then about 10 people in front of us they changed again. And she got so lucky cause she came back. With a few others she hasn't seen before.
Take note on Baylens smile. All day this is what he did.I don't know what it was about!
And then she was in heaven.All day she waited in hopes to see her favorite Princess.
She even sang to her. There's that smile again...
And then Punzel, as she calls her.
And she sang to them to. That's why they were clapping.
They decided to make funny face pics.
I snapped this at lunch. Since birth this kid has always put his fingers in his mouth while drinking milk. I don't get it!
More to come tomorrow!

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