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Monday, February 4, 2013

Sunday Funday!

Sorry about the delays we've had a busy weekend. I have pics to post from Saturday but for some reason cant get them to download so Ill try again later. Since Sunday was the super bowl we headed over to the Jackman's for a Lil gathering to see If Their Daughter Shayna's ( who was in the Doritos's commercial)commercial would air. Unfortunately she didn't but we had a good time anyway.

I found Baylen in Sarah's room. He said night night and told me to turn off the light.
They rented a projector for the commercial.

Sarah's room was soon the party room where all the kids would end up.
Oh you know just his first date with his celebrity friend...ha ha.

I need him to clean my house!


  1. Did Baylen actually sleep in the bed? Even if not so cute that he let you know that he was tired.