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Saturday, February 9, 2013


The things we do for discounted shoes. Bridget emailed me about a TOMS warehouse sale right by my house. It started at 10 so we got there at 9:30. I should have known it was gonna be a long day when there was no parking in sight and I had to walk over a mile to get there. The line was wrapped around the building and seemed long but we had no idea what we were in for. 7 hours later, yes 7 we got in. Since we only thought we'd be there 2-3 hours we had no food water, anything! We were starving less then half way through. It looked like they were letting about 50-100 people in about every 30-45 Min's so that's why it took so long! If we only would have known that when we were in line at the beginning.
Bridget waiting for me, I snuck up behind her.
One of many piles of boxes of shoes.
Lunch truck arrived and that line started right away to.
Getting closer!

We got into the building and were so excited that we were almost there.
Price list.
Then we turned the corner to this. Another wonderfully long line.
No really. This one took over 3 hours.
And this was the chaos's inside. I forgot to take pic's cause it was rush rush everywhere.
My loot. 3 pairs for me, 1 for Cambria, and 2 for Baylen.


  1. Nice shoes but think you two are crazy. Probably in my younger days I would do a crazy think like that. Oh to be young

  2. We Grandma's have to stick together. Be thankful we weren't with you!