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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sick house.

So Our day yesterday started out with school then I took the kids to the doctor to check on this on going cough they've had forever. They did get 1 shot each as well. Well after meeting my mom for lunch for her birthday The kids were beat!
Like this EVER happens!!!
They also started coming down with low fevers. Then this morning he woke up like this.
We spent all day taking meds and temps. From 98-104. It's been fun!
But then of course they would get energy off and on.

But then B woke up at 103 and not happy.
Cambria was harassing him cause she didn't understand why he wouldn't play with her.

Wont leave my lap.Hopefully tomorrow it will be better!


  1. Poor kids, B doesn't look good darn fever. Hope they get sleep tonight and feel better tomorrow

  2. Hope they are better today. Everywhere you go people and kids are coughing.