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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

It'll grow back....right?

I seriously love Baylen's hair. Yes it could have used a trim but I loved the curls and his long cool boy locks. Yes he got called a girl just about everyday, Yes all the grandparents were not fans,and yes his daddy was not a big fan either. Although his hair is cute short to I would like it better if it were a little longer.
I loved his locks...

He didn't mind it at first but once the clippers came out he was done.

The end results. Oh well, It will grow back. Ill just have to wait another year to hear all the slack again..


  1. This Grandmother will miss the long curls as well and know it had to be done some time. He looks more grown up and look how good he is setting there taken all the cutting. He did the other time as well and it grew back curly Love you Baylen time to let Minnie and Mickey see it.

  2. Hey, I loved it too! However, look at the little man now! Can't wait to see you in person Baylen. Get well so you can come and visit.

  3. wow! He looks adorable but I do miss those curls! :)