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Friday, September 20, 2013

100 Mile club

When school started they had a 100mile club you could sign up for. I didn't do it knowing Cambria wouldn't want to run at 7am. They had a family run tonight with free sunglasses and $3 jamba juice's. So when David got home at 4pm we walked over ( a mile away ). Baylen didn't want to go. I told her one time around and we had to go back for dinner. Well, 4 times later. AND 2 small jamba's. She downed her's and most of mine. Needless to say she had fun!
Lots of people.
she walked the first lap and ran far ahead of me looking back every 20 feet to see If I was still there.
Every time they'd go around they'd get a stick.
see her....way up there.
There she is to the right.
sassy pants!
Then we walked back another mile and walked behind the house. David was outside getting the BBQ ready and Baylen came running out when he heard her voice.

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