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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Malin's 1st Birthday.

Today we went to my friends Lisa and Scott's daughter's 1st birthday at her parents house in Sierra Madre. It was a pool party for the adult's and kids however only the lil babies hit the kiddie pool.
BBQing in the back yard.
The kids loved the face on the tree.
Malin and her Grandma ( Scott's mom )
Lisa and Malin.
Cambria LOVES baby Malin. She was pushing her in the swing and Malin was cracking up.
They were pretending the dirt was the water and they had to stay on the rocks.
Baylen was so excited that daddy and him had "purple, purple" shirts.
Cake time!
wondering why everyone was singing to her?
Blow out the candle!
She tasted a little but wasn't a huge fan.

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