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Thursday, September 5, 2013

A Disney Birthday.

Saturday for Baylen's bday ( after his bday and the day before his party)we went to Disneyland for the day. Actually I should say California adventure. Of course the kids had a blast.
His fav, Popcorn!
1st stop playhouse Disney. He's still singing the song.
Baylen was brave enough to take a pic. For some reason they are the only ones he's scared of.
And right when we got in line to see Mike he had to go.
We timed it just right. Lunch for about 30mins and then the parade started.
Believe it or not it wasn't staged. She cracks me up.
All he asked for. "Go Ariel ride"!
We also played around in the wilderness explorer area. Usually they don't get to do the slides cause they have to go down 1 at a time. I don't want to leave them alone in such a busy place cause the way back is a bit of a ways.
Working his climbing skills.
I went to.
Im sure she wanted to take it home with her.
In line at the Aladdin show. One of their new favorites.
On Heimlich's.
Cambria wanted to go on the bumper cars since her Aunt Tracey took her a while back. Poor B was to short.So David waited with him outside the ride. Or so we thought.
Across from the ride is a water area.Have I ever mentioned how much this kid LOVES water!
Not Cambria though. Very girly. God Forbid she get wet!
He ran up and kissed him, lol
We had an ice cream while drying off. And keep in mind it was about 6pm and 95 degree's outside.
Last ride.
Ya, he was ready to go.

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  1. Hope to go someday and actually be able to ride a few of these newer rides. Maybe next Spring.