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Sunday, September 15, 2013

California Science Musem.

Today we had a nice Little Family Day out in LA. The Kids weren't to sure about going in cause of all the Jets outside but once they were there they had so much fun. Cambria kept saying how much she liked it there and wanted to go back.
One of the Jets outside.
This was a big weight that pulled up a Truck.
The kids liked the mist.
More mist.
Having fun with some interactive stuff.
Ice wall.
He just crawled on up and looked at the bugs.
Infrared thing..
Outside was a big tank full of fish and kelp gardens.
Checking out the sharks.
More Interactive things.
I Thought for sure she'd hate it but she said she really liked it.
Of course he did.
Not so much me.
They thought this was the best! They yelled at each other forever and were in hysteric's!!
She wanted her picture in front of McDonald's.
And the rose.