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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Family Baseball day.

David surprised us with a nice day out to our last of the season baseball game. He even got the suite level seats. The kids had fun, especially with all the treats going around. Baylen could spot the guy carrying the cotton candy from across the field! They got a little antsy toward the end so we left before the game ended. Still we had a great day!
Getting ready to go in!
Baylen was excited!
He was having to much fun with his hat.
Hot Dog!
Apparently Baylen is a fan of peanuts. He loved trying to crack them out of the shell.
our view.
Of course, what they've been waiting for!
I had to eat some to so they wouldn't eat it all....
Then the bees came. It was pretty comical watching some guy go out there with a broom and bucket trying to catch them. They had to stop the game twice.
David and I got ice cream sandwiches. So the kids got a few bites.
This kid is the messiest eater!

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