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Monday, September 2, 2013

San Francisco day 3 cont....

I'm so behind on pics! Hopefully I can get to finishing our trip. So Like I said Saturday we headed down to the Ferry Building. After we somehow found our way right by China Town so we walked up a few blocks.
The entrance.
China Town.
They were everywhere!
My sister was Gung hoe about heading to this lil fortune cookie place. It was down an alley and literally a whole in the wall. About the size of a walk in closet.
The yellow sign is where it's at.
Ya we got a few bags...
That metal rack on the left was full of cookies. They only let in a few people at a time cause it was so small.
Then all the weird/Unique Items for sale in the shops.
Tracey also recommend this restaurant. It was kinda crowded but we got seated right away. They brought out TONS of food.
Sticky buns, lettuce wraps, rice, chow mein, Pot stickers, Tempura, etc.
Our view.
It was a warm day.
After China Town we went to the wharf and got our bread to take home.
And other things.

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